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Hi Y’all!  I’m Jenna.

This blog represents what my husband, Nathan, and I love to do: Cook and share food!

Back in the college days of 2005, when sandwiches and restaurants were not cutting it anymore, we decided to try cooking new recipes together after buying our first Italian cookbook from a TJ Maxx in Grand Forks, North Dakota. 

As we grew as a couple and added to our family (four beautiful girls), we noticed that we weren’t making it out on date nights very often at all.  Instead, we would be spending time together in the kitchen each weekend trying out new recipes, sipping new wines or cocktails, and enjoying each other’s company.  

Over the years we have developed a passion for learning the best cooking techniques and creating new recipes.  But most of all, we have loved sharing them with our friends and family whenever we had a chance. 

And that is what we hope to do with this blog: to share with you our favorite recipes that we cook for ourselves, family, and friends.  We want you to be excited to try new things and discover as we did that cooking good food is not hard and that it is best enjoyed with people you love.  

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